Open Thread

I generally close comments on posts after a week or two, but in this case, comments shall remain open indefinitely. Consider this the proper place to offer comments or questions on old posts. I shall place it in the sidebar for easy access.


Adam- It saddens me when deep questions are tossed about in the manner of base conversation. Do not take this to mean I think less of you; no, rather I consider you to be more than your manner might lead some to believe. Do consider framing your inquiries more formally for the practice would serve […]

Conversations With Hrodgar, Part 2

More of the correspondence between Hrodgar and myself…


I nearly chose not to post this as it is purely political in nature and rather uncharacteristically strident. It springs from an on again, off again correspondence with what I have concluded is a nineteen or twenty year old perpetually outraged college student. It took some time for him to pique my ire, but credit […]

Conversations With Hrodgar, Part One

9 September of 2005 Zsallia Thanks for taking the time to reply to my comments. When I first started reading your blog I was struck by your eloquence and how your past comes to life through people. Like many I wondered if you were a figment of some brilliant writer’s imagination. This no longer seems […]