Etherian asked me about loneliness. It defines my life, but not in the way one might think. Early on, after I came to understand what I was, every dislocation was wrenching and death came to take on an aura of a prize that I had been deliberately denied. I have never had children, but I […]

About Me

I am not an easy person to like, at least not for the past three hundred years or so. I spent the vast majority of my time hiding or as an add-on to somebody else’s life- it was a habit, and an excruciatingly difficult one to break. I do not believe you the reader can […]

A Suggestion

E-mail from John at Weekend Pundit: I’ve enjoyed all the speculation and “what-if’s” proposed by other readers that you’ve been posting lately and your responses seem geared to making everybody take a kind of laid back attitude. You seem to be in some sort of “whatever” mode regarding what you might be. In particular I […]

The Bath

The bath was finally ready, the water heated with stones from the fire until it was just shy of painfully hot, and scented with the oils of flowers. The rising steam was fragrant as a garden in spring- Rufus would be pleased. For such a hard man he had an abiding love for nature and […]

Joe Bowers Speaks Portuguese

Joe Bowers offers the following: Eu li apenas sua resposta a Yeti em seu blog. Eu suponho-o acredito que h? alguns para fora l? do esse o acredita. Quando voc? diz que somente a lata m? vem deste blog, eu n?o sigo completamente. Eu sou certo que se voc? sentir amea?ado, a coisa l?gica seria […]

The Yeti Speaks

Comments from The Yeti, and my responses: On your peculiar regenerative condition. It indeed sounds like you do not die, but rather consume fuel, which would not make you human. You could perhaps be an intelligence inhabiting a human form that was reduced to a simple parasitic state in the distant past. It would explain […]

Acidman Asked 25 Questions

Acidman asked 25 questions. I heasitated, then chose to answer as best I could. 1. Do you have a personal hero? If so, who is it? My first real husband. He was a farmer and a father of five when we met and he devoted every moment of his life to making his little corner […]

More Questions From Joe

More e-mail from Joe Bowers, whom I have mentioned before. He touches on some topics that I have been reluctant to speak to: Do you keep friends that are ignorant of what you are? Telling untruths to hide your nature? Destined to leave them after a decade (or a little more) and never to meet […]


It is time to update the blogroll. Generally I will link to anyone who links to me so long as I find his or her site interesting. Fortunately for most people my tastes are broad and I enjoy topics from domestic realities to engineering to politics and beyond. I did finally remove Glenn Reynolds since […]

From The Grave

Warm, dark and quiet- I could hear the slow rhythm of the beating of my heart, hypnotic in its promise of new sunrises to be seen. Awareness came upon me slowly, stealing up on quiet paws to slowly, carefully prod me back towards understanding. Finally I took in a slow, ragged breath, my chest relaxing […]