Invitation to Despair

Having been absent some short while I feel the need to revisit something; however, I am uncertain of my ability to express this properly. In no small way a major purpose of this forum has been to seek the best, most complete method of saying what follows. Note that I hold no faith. Note furthermore […]

Trauma and Man

On occasion western civilization seems bent upon engaging in a startling, and perhaps quite dangerous bit of psychic engineering. I would find it odd, but for the fact that people generally prefer the safe to the arduous, the certain to the speculative. It is the unusual ones, those who eschew the known for the unknowable, […]

What Am I Doing?

Why do this? Why return to this? There are so very many reasons to let it lie and no good reason to take it up again, yet here I am. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I returned to the old site and set my pointer over the delete option. Make it […]