A Note

Yes, some things have gone missing from this site. They can be found here, and that is the last I shall have to say on the matter.


Matters most urgent press upon me. I shall return on Twenty-Second of May.

Open Thread

I generally close comments on posts after a week or two, but in this case, comments shall remain open indefinitely. Consider this the proper place to offer comments or questions on old posts. I shall place it in the sidebar for easy access.

Change of Scenery

Not quite so satisfying as a new wardrobe, but rather close.


Being overwhelmed by unfolding events I shall be setting this journal aside for the nonce. Look for me to return in March.

Site Note

I have done away with my old counter by NextGenStats after reports from assorted individuals that they were serving up pop-up advertisments for spyware scanning.


Just an administrative note-

Necessary Things

On the naming of names, and the placing of places. As I go through my narratives I deliberately obscure certain facts. Jeremy, for instance, was not named Jeremy, Catherine was not Catherine, Rufus was not Rufus… I do believe the pattern is clear. Locations are obscured as well as specifics as to dates, particularly as […]


E-mail seems to be working again, though Hushmail still has their disclaimer up. I have received two messages today, though not from Loren or the Yeti. As I noted a few moments ago- you get what you pay for.


Comments are up again.