In the comments to this post, Mr. Renick takes me to task for my inhuman and murderous ways, then asks: “By the way, do you even believe in God? He may judge you one day you know.” Mr. Renick, What am I to believe in? What would you have me believe in? God. If I […]


I generally avoid staying in one place too long; however, Boston has become somewhat of a touchstone for me. I have had an apartment there since 1970 and it makes for a convenient place to meet lawyers and whatnot. I suppose it is coming time to leave that behind as well. These days with their […]


Just an administrative note-

Not So Long Ago, And Not So Far Away

It was such a beautiful summer morning: very hot of course, but there was a breeze that let the dry air cool the body without being so strong as to send the dust flying. I reminded myself to keep an eye on everyone since my young friends had a tendency to forget to drink enough […]

November, 2004

What follows is purely political in nature, so if that is not your cup of tea please do pass it by.


Why continue on? Suicide is an odd construct amongst mortals. There are those societies and cultures that abhor and condemn it. Others are less judgmental. Still others glorify suicide in pursuit of some temporal victory. Regardless of which cultural construct one chooses to operate within I find the idea of taking your own life somewhat […]

Annoyance And Triumph, Of Sorts

God placed the gift upon those who create and build. There is something viscerally satisfying about the act of creation, be it a work of art, a cord of neatly stacked firewood, or replacing the wiring in my Victorian-era farmhouse. The wiring was decrepit when the house was finally sealed up, and had declined to […]