On War

Dean Esmay posted an article titled Why Iraq? where he pointed to an article by one John Weidner that he felt presented a fair summary of why those who favored invading Iraq felt that it was the correct thing to do. I posted the following comment in Mr. Esmay’s article: I was and do remain […]

An Observation

One thing I have learned over the past few centuries: there is no situation so dire that chocolate cannot make it better.

John Kerry

This post began as a comment. Then as such things often do it grew into something a tad too wordy for the comments section. The posts the prompted this may be found at Dean’s World and The Moderate Voice. Note that this deals with politics (sigh); so do move on if this is not your […]

Morning in Boston

I awoke in late morning to the sound of rain lashing against the windows. There was a body next to me, warm and strong, breathing in the gentle cadences of deep sleep. Disorientation set in for a moment for there had been so much the night before of drinking and dancing and conversation… I could […]

It Is Late And I Cannot Sleep

It is worst at night, when I am alone with my thoughts and memories. In this house, this place so rife with ghosts and history… I lie abed at night and the weight of it presses upon me. The desire to flee and make this just another foolish endeavour now abandoned is overwhelming. I cannot […]