Michigan Territory, 1835

The sound of his breathing filled me with dread, for it was wet and rasping. When he coughed it was with the rough of agony and ruin. The fire was as warm as one could hope and I had done as much as I could towards sealing our dilapidated cabin against the wind, but it […]

Christmas in Pennsylvania

I can stand again. I find myself somewhat ashamed for resenting the debilitating circumstance of being confined to a wheelchair for all but brief moments. I am still in pain, but the worst is clearly behind me. I can make my way with a cane, it is still an effort and my left leg shall […]


Pain is a relative thing. I am capable of enduring levels of pain others might find excruciating, but this is more a matter of long experience rather than some innate superiority on my part. After all, pain is generally a warning sign of illness or injury, and I am proof against such things. That said […]

It Has Been Close To One Month

Whither goes my poetic friend?