History does not repeat itself, but it often rhymes. I watch the recent doings in Eastern Europe and see it in Iambic Pentameter: intriguing, but hardly exciting. I have heard similar rhythms before, but these are not so intense. The players and raconteurs lack passion. The time is not right. What the world is witnessing […]


I watch the unfolding events between Russia and Georgia with some mild interest, but no real suprise. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990’s it has been clear to me that many of the new-born states to emerge from the so-called Commonwealth of Independant States had little real reason to exist beyond […]


I nearly chose not to post this as it is purely political in nature and rather uncharacteristically strident. It springs from an on again, off again correspondence with what I have concluded is a nineteen or twenty year old perpetually outraged college student. It took some time for him to pique my ire, but credit […]

More Ruminations On America And Politics

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On War

Dean Esmay posted an article titled Why Iraq? where he pointed to an article by one John Weidner that he felt presented a fair summary of why those who favored invading Iraq felt that it was the correct thing to do. I posted the following comment in Mr. Esmay’s article: I was and do remain […]

John Kerry

This post began as a comment. Then as such things often do it grew into something a tad too wordy for the comments section. The posts the prompted this may be found at Dean’s World and The Moderate Voice. Note that this deals with politics (sigh); so do move on if this is not your […]

November, 2004

What follows is purely political in nature, so if that is not your cup of tea please do pass it by.

I Am Not Above Preening

Well, this has certainly been an invigorating twenty-four hours or so. I must express my thanks to Dean Esmay for his kind words regarding my thoughts offered here- praise is always that much sweeter when it comes from one you respect. As for the readers he has sent to this humble site, I believe their […]

Breaking Promises

I am so terribly sorry. I did promise no more politics until the new year, but that persnickety Dean Esmay has been posting things that make me go “hmmm.” So, with that said: These assorted assertions regarding lying to the public and the reflexive disdain for the current President are unusual only if one fails […]


I said no more politics until January; however, I did not write this, so I did not actually break my promise. Besides, he invokes Mark Twain, and I dearly love Twain’s work. Bill Whittle writes regarding Power.