One Day In the Life..

“The most important thing’s to stick together. Ain’t nobody here for us girls but us.” I nodded, nothing more, keeping up my facade of nervous anticipation. Neff and Aiko had paired off to work the far end of ‘our’ block while we took the north corner. Our pimp, Jacques, was a small-time player and his […]


I saw you long before we met; you and your girlfriends on a street corner near the French Quarter, surrounded by a crowd. You were playing guitar while Neff and Aiko accompanied on the violin and viola. It was hauntingly beautiful and so very sad, for as I approached it was clear despite this performance […]


Having recently embarked upon what is surely the most foolhardy experiment of my existence, the result of which you who visit me here in this place shall no doubt live to pass judgment upon–I find myself alternately elated, defeated, and terrified. I awake every day gripped by the impulse to flee this place and every […]