I have horses again…

I have horses again. It astounds me just how much that has come to mean to me. The modern world is so very fast paced, so technical and cold- you have forgotten what it means to travel, inured from the reality of it by machines that whisk you along in pampered comfort to any point […]


Tourists liked the place and old man Malloy had certainly been the beneficiary of the Luck of the Irish the day the State of California laid out the Pacific Coast Highway and ran it directly past the front door of his little diner. I landed there for the same reason the truck drivers and tourists […]


Life is more than a mere collection of events and happenings. There are those who would argue against such a notion, those who believe that a human being’s journey through most of a century of time is little more than a process of genetic replication and propagation. Man as animal, lacking anything of the spiritual, […]

Ronald Wilson Reagan, 1911-2004

I enjoyed Ronald Reagan’s presidency. Whereas others were aghast at the notion of an actor as President, I saw it as a fitting evolution. I never cared for him as an actor, but that says little, as I have no real attraction to the cinema. I was in California when he was governor and I […]