There are many things I am grateful for, but I give true thanks for this.

Lessons Apparently Not Learned

Contrary to popular perception, it seems that history rarely repeats itself. Yet humans do repeat the same mistakes. I thought you Americans might have learned an important lesson from the aftermath of your shameless abandonment of the South Vietnamese people in the 1970’s. From the looks of things in the media and in particular this […]

Gabrielle Francesca East

Now for something a little different: I admit to having developed… not quite an obsession, but rather an intimate appreciation for a story very long in the telling about a certain red-headed character with whom I am certain I could lay waste to a perfectly respectable case of Scotch Whiskey. Her name is Gabrielle Francesca […]

What has consumed my time this past year

Just under a year ago, driven by events beyond my control, I took a man into my confidence. This is just a taste of what may come.