Seven days. Seven days of running, hiding, backtracking and on occasion, killing. Seven days of knowing he was out there, relentless in his determination to bring me to heel. I could see it in him whenever I ventured close enough to spy him, see that this was not about punishment, nor about revenge. This was […]

The Roman

Rhumenk, Slodhe had called them. They were rumored to have killed and enslaved some of the tribes to the far south, but Slodhe said they were not hostile in their encounters with his people, merely sought trade and hunting. I was angry at that last, for if they were hunting in my woods, they had […]


Circa 130 BCE Communing with the mother-goddess, Nerthō, in my dreams, I felt a slight breeze upon my face and heard her voice upon it. Your people are calling you, sister, she whispered in my ear. Stirring myself awake I heard a group of men in the distance, chanting in the old tongue. My people, […]

Farley’s Question

Farly asked me a question: if in 2012 you began aging a normal human lifespan… what would you do? At first it seemed a simple question to answer, but each time I set about formulating a reply I found myself unsure of the easy responses. So many things spilled forth without consideration, as if the […]