An Amusing Outcome

I noticed this quiz at Baby Troll Blog. For reasons I do not pretend to fathom these have become somewhat of an obsessive diversion for me. I must admit I had to look up the cartoon character, but once I saw the movie I was quite amused. I also happen to own a dress quite […]

Argument With A New Friend

“It is so simple for you, isn’t it?” I snapped, “Brought up in this utopia of yours, ensconced in the bosom of a well-defined moral universe. You have your rules, your directions all laid out before you, easy to see, easy to follow… you have no idea what it means to not know what is […]

The Bitterness Of Joy

Gunnō tig Sloghan en pullan katois Newudhrōstōdhlikan Prijandan tēz galōjai Ghernjō tig Tinan plekhan aileso ana mēz Salbhan ana taisiai bhrekani Plaikhendhō tig tū werdhō Rigganō in tēz Lallanō an bhlisjan Alnaz wittaz ni ūtan laikendh Minō paurktjō ni ūtan rūnō Tinō sē Prijō ghibhanō Ūtan gwemidhi andhjō Gerbhanō ana prumoi Gunnō tig Tinan skarban […]