I have been gone a short while and I remain uncertain regarding the fate of this little experiment in soul-baring; however, I felt I should at least acknowledge the passing of another year if only to remind myself of unfinished business and loose ends.

Much has occurred over the past two years, some of it certain to interest or perhaps even entertain the casual reader. My worst fears have been realized, yet they played out in ways I simply would not have believed possible had I not lived them. I am old enough to know better: the human capacity for rationalization is boundless. It is both a strength and a weakness, as most things ‘human’ inevitably are.

I shall rise to greet the Vernal Equinox yet again, surrounded by a world the reality and rationality of which I must admit I still sometimes doubt- so I leave you with the wise words of one who lived and died nearly a century ago.

Is not impermanence the fragrance of our days?

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