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I generally close comments on posts after a week or two, but in this case, comments shall remain open indefinitely. Consider this the proper place to offer comments or questions on old posts. I shall place it in the sidebar for easy access.

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  1. Well, it feels funny to ask a question that I’m no position to appreciate the answer to, but would you happen to remember any poetry by Sappho? From what little I know, a recent discovery brought the number of (nearly) complete known poems to four; the rest is fragments, most only a few words long.

    (I’m in no position to appreciate the answer because I don’t speak Greek, of any variety; I’m not even far enough up on the English folk tradition to appreciate oddball questions about that…)

  2. Sappho was four centuries in her grave when I first encountered the Romans and through them the culture of the Greeks. Had you known me at that time it would surprise you not at all that I found the lyric poets distasteful at best. As such I never became familiar with her works. For that matter poetry in general was somewhat beyond my literary tastes for an unfortunately long time.

  3. I want to hate you. I want too so much

  4. Are you certain you wish to use this forum to work this out? Think about it.

  5. I’ve thought about it. I’d talk to you fac to face but i’m not sure I could stand to do that again

  6. Will we ever hear the story about why D wants to hate you?

  7. That conversation contuinues in private

  8. Why do I want to hate her?

    Jesus, i don’t know where to start

    King- try to get this my dad threw me out of the house when I was 16 because he caught me makingout with my best friend and wasn’t going to have a dyke living under his roof. it was 1961 and they used to put gay kids in mental hospitals so maybe I got off easy.

    There wasn’t all this community built up like there is today i mean it was there, but wht the hell did I know about it? I wound up on the street and from there it was a shot trip to turning tricks, then Jacques got his claws in me and I was pretty much fucked because he just burned up girls I din’t know how many I saw get killed or just die because the needle was too easy a way out and jesus i hated it and I wanted to die because e all I did was ball with these fucking pigs for ten or twenty bucks a throw. I dint hate men at first but those years pretty much put that tyo rest

    I had friends, two other girls my age gay like me and we stuck together, tried to watch each others backs. Maybe that’s why we held out so long, I don’t know but it was still pretty damned shitty

    and then Angie showed up. Jacques said he picked her up at a bus stop but I still wonder about that- she was too I don’t know, strong, maybe? She just didn’t look like somebody whod be sucked into something she didn’t want to be .

    But she was bat-shit crazy I mean violent crazy- once a john started beating on my friend Neff and Angie just jumped into it and kicked him in the balls, then started kicking him in the head until we pulled her off him. Then she took his wallet and his keys and wegot about 5 gallons of wine and took his car to the heights and burned it. it was scary and it was so cool, like we were incharge of things

    after that we were always together, the four of us- me, Angie, Aiko and Neff. When Jacques tried to fuck with us Angie never backed down, even when he’d beat her black and blue she just shook it off like it didn’t nmatter. she had attitude and it rubbed off on all ofus. she also always seemed to have a little extra money so we always had something to eat even if it wasn’t a lot

    I’d played guitar since I was seven- Angie found one for me and the one thing led to another until we were doing these jam sessions- me on my guitar and Aiko had these bongo drums. Angie and Neff would sing or play the guitar when Jacques found out about it he started hiring us out as a group- you know, all girl band and they’ll blow you for an encore… old Jacques never missed a trick

    Until he turned up dead, anyhow. angie came running to our pad and said somebody murdered him and his two bodyguards and if we ever wanted out now was the time to go because she’d cleaned out the locked box when she found the bodies

    So we split, ran away to Virginia, bought some real instruments and put together a band. We weren’t great but we weren’t bad either and there just wasn’t any all-girl groups out there playing their own music. And we were LOUD. Loud, bitter, violent lesbian ex-prostitutes Today people would be like ?so?’ but we’re talking ’64 here and we’d get tossed out of places for getting into each other on stage, even got arrested once and driven in a police van to the county line

    Those were some of the best times of my life- 1964 to 1967. And then we got noticed- some guy in New York wanted to look us over… and Angie just freaked out. i tried to reason with her tried to get her to see this could be something great… i begged her because I loved her so much and it just didn’t make any sense and she told me we were a goddamned freak show and i just lost it and hit her again and again and she just stood there, taking it until Neff made me stop. Angie just turned her back and walked out and I was screaming at her that I hated her.

    And the next morning they found the dodge out by the railroad bridge and it looked like she’d jumped. The current was pretty strong and the bay was less than 2 miles away so they figured she’d been swept out to sea. never found the bodybut they never looked very hard.

    I looked. i spent six months going up and down the river banks and the coast jumping on anything that looked like it might be her and I never really believed she was dead, not for years and years until it didn’t matter if she was dead because she was just gone. so I pulled my self together and went to New York where I plugged in to the girl scene where I wa always with people like me. I got work as a studio musician and that’s what I’vbe been doing ever since. If you listen to the radio at all youve probably heard my work.

    And now if find this place, and the writing just reminds me of her, of Angie, and I read it for two years before I ever get the courage to write, just to ask if she knew her. And she tells me she’s Angie, like I’m just supposed to believe it even though how the hell would she know about Angie at all?

    And then she comes to my home and I’m too damned angry to speak to her so I send my duahgter to the door, but in the end I have to look and she’s walking down to the street while I’m looking from the window upstairs and she stops and turns and looks up at me and there’s this girl who can’t be her but looks like her and she starts singing a song nobody can know and it’s too much and I start screaming at her until she leaves

    And I haven’t had a decent nights sleep since and I don’t know what to do because she can’t be her but she can’t be anyone else and I can’t stop talking to her and hating her would make this so much easier

    So Kingslasher does any of this make sense?

  9. Ok I have to say this was an interesting read, well what I read, I really don’t have the attention span or time to read it all. All and all much better then ageless gene. Though I will admit a bit too much of a highlander vibe in parts but I’m open minded. hell I figure there are hundreds if not thousands of immortals on this world. I mean we understand the science of aging so a random mutation should work. BTW in the first draft Conner had kids 😉

    I’m curious that you have never met others like you. I’d ask you how you knew you were immortal and when but you seem to have no real idea, as you said it took hundreds of years for you to notice.

    I’m just curious, I’m young but I’ve felt something for years and I’ve met one other who gave off a vibe I can’t explain. Considering that he hated be right off the bat I dare not ask him. Strangely enough he married my wife’s mother and it took them forever to have kids. My wife is currently pregnant so I’ve wondered both about the vibe(and what he felt) as well as if there is a connection between us were we attracted to these women on a genetic level. All good stuff to think about but moot to most points.