I nearly chose not to post this as it is purely political in nature and rather uncharacteristically strident. It springs from an on again, off again correspondence with what I have concluded is a nineteen or twenty year old perpetually outraged college student. It took some time for him to pique my ire, but credit where credit is due, he finally succeeded. What follows is my final response to him- I place it in the extended entry for the benefit of those who wisely choose to ignore such things.

The most common complaint regarding my weblog (other than the erratic nature of my posting) revolves around my politics. One gentleman dismissed my immortality because my politics were too far to the right of his own- any creature ancient as I claimed would surely be a committed socialist. I have expressed more than once my feelings regarding socialism and communism- Dean Esmay once asked of me whence my disdain for communists sprang. I replied to him that I do not hold communists in disdain, I despise them.

No. Despise is too tame a word. I hate them.

I do not employ that word lightly, particularly in written form; for experience has taught me what today passes for hate is a pale reflection of true, all-encompassing hatred. For my part I reserve that word for those people and ideas against which I am driven to act by the depth of my revulsion towards them. Communists fall into that category along with the assorted milquetoast cousins of that ideology such as democratic socialism, the assorted varieties of special interest factionalism, and fascist-apologist faux peace movements that are all the rage amongst the young and outraged today.

Before any readers launch themselves into the comments to point out the differences between communism and fascism, let me put that foolishness to rest here and now. Both are warped ideologies which, at their core, seek to transform the individual into a mere tool of the state. Reducing human beings to property, whether one man as slave to another or populations enslaved to the state, is an act so fundamentally evil I cannot be bothered to decipher one flavor from the other. If it is your desire to play at semantics you may take your sophistries to some other place and indulge them to your heart’s content.

In the simplest terms my hatred is based upon the utter rejection of human nature such ideology embraces. A purely communist society is a fantasy as it requires all members to be altruistic at all times. This being an impossibility those who would impose a communist social order upon their fellows create mechanisms whereby the people can be properly controlled, their attitudes shaped in such a way as to minimize the disruptive influences of their basic human urges. This would be accomplished by education and the careful sanitation of history- the entire enterprise hinging on the ability to prevent dangerous ideas from taking root in the minds of citizens. The only difference between fascism and communism in this view is that fascism is more overtly nationalistic, its vision of the collective good historically being wrapped in a strident patriotism and the intermixing of government and industry.

The extremist ideologies all have one theme in common- they are threatened by ideas. This leads to systems, both legal and social, designed to curb the expression of ideas deemed dangerous by the state.

Social systems can be oppressive, but can often be ignored. In the United States there is deep social disapproval of the ideas harbored and expressed by such organizations as the Ku Klux Klan and the Aryan Nation; however, the structure of American political power is designed to be as tolerant as possible of even the most offensive ideas, hence the fact such organizations are permitted to gather and demonstrate in public without fear of arrest. The social disapproval of these groups does not possess force of law due to the constitutional protections of political speech enshrined in the founding document of the nation.

Legal systems designed to suppress ideas are by their very nature corrupt. Those tasked with policing the thoughts and words of citizens find themselves possessed of immense power. In any society reputations can be ruined by mere accusations of impropriety regardless of the truth of matters. In a society where government attempts to regulate the thoughts and words of the populace baseless accusations can and usually do have very dire consequences for the accused. This elevates the power of aforementioned social systems to a point where the populace lives in constant fear of denunciation. At that point the state obtains such overarching control of the individual the status of slave is achieved in all but name.

Enough of communism and its lackwit twin, fascism. They are ideologies rightfully tossed aside by any person capable of clear thinking… and therein lies the problem, for so many are incapable of clear thinking. Their thought processes are driven more by an emotional need to rebel against a world less forgiving and welcoming than they dream it should be- they find the easy lie of organized socialism irresistible and lend their allegiance to an ideal that has murdered 100,000,000 and truly is not yet finished. Hence thousands of intellectual lemmings march to the ministrations of communist front groups and call themselves enlightened protestors forwarding the cause of peace.

I do not suffer fools for I know the horrors of which they are capable. That those who follow the banners of murderous socialism would find themselves first before the firing squad should they realize the revolution of which they dream is of no comfort. Too many who deserve to suffer the results of their shortsighted passions find themselves given the mercy of the executioner’s handiwork, the result being they seldom come to understand their own blindness and recant their devotion to what is the most fundamentally evil force known to humanity.

Communism is as anti-human and inhumane an ideology as any spawned by Man. Communists are either fools or scheming tyrants in the making. The watered-down versions of communism are merely attempts to inure the populace to evil by delivering it in minute doses such that none recognize the cancer as it proceeds to consume them body and soul.

One Hundred Million slaughtered on the altar of Marxism/Leninism. One Billion plus still enslaved. Defend it if you wish, but I for one recognize the stench of naked evil. I refuse to call it sweet.

6 Responses to “Communism”

  1. ok so your immortal. that all fine and dandy but ive got some questions then. Like if people lead perfect lives where everything was perfect with nothing wrong or bad would there be need for a belief in God? or would the not need faith. are contradictions neccassary to life. Like could we exist with Good but no evil. and last but not least they say that the greatest thing that satan ever did was convice the world that he didn’t exist. This one simple true or false?

  2. ok so after more reading im not saying your lying but most of those facts are not that concrete-im just saying someone smart enough could have made them up since most were vague and could be researched. so all im saying is prove it. where were you 0 say when Jesus walked the earth. If you were around then even if you were on an entirely differnt continet i would just like to know where you were and what you were doing. did it rock your world or were you just like 0 their savior big whoop. sorry for the doubt but faith and reason do repel so should i belive you or look at the facts. Id rather be interested in lies than bored with the truth.

  3. Adam,

    Can you define good and evil?

    I do not expect you to answer that question, I simply raise it as something to keep in mind. I shall reply to your queries at length at a later time.


  4. i cant wait for you to reply

    n yes i think i could-good actions or works that make either help people in need or feel better n such and evil is like things that hurt a group or a person through either physical or verbal abuse. Right? Things that are ‘morally’ or ‘ethically’ correct/incorrect. or is that all wrong

  5. I would find it difficult to define good and evil without a religious base, because without what I would consider concrete truth on the matter, there’s too much room for individual opinion- I doubt, Osama, for example, considers himself evil. Many different religions weigh in on the matter, but a few truths are universal, at least among people who think.

    I don’t know the history of communism as well as you do, Zsallia, but I agree with you in that socialism dosen’t do anyone any favors- not those who are robbed of their money, or those to whom it is doled out- always in increments large enough to ensure dependence, yet too small for a decent standard of living- welfare, anyone?

    I agree that it’s very important we fight being worn down by the constant efforts of those who would have it such that a larger, controlling force, like the government, decides what’s best for you and me.

    Personally, I doubt I’m the only one who is looking forward to your response on these questions Adam has brought up.

  6. What I see more than anything in your writing is a deep abhorrence for slavery and anything that smacks of it, or more specifically, anything that reduces the status of individual humans.

    Terry Pratchett over the course of twenty-plus well-written satires has boiled it down to this (paraphrased): “All problems start from treating other people as things.”

    Did this loathing develop over a long period of time (from your perspective), or did you have a somewhat revelatory experience at some point?