Being overwhelmed by unfolding events I shall be setting this journal aside for the nonce. Look for me to return in March.

The Hope Of Others

I receive e-mail. Some messages are dismissive, a very small percentage of those evincing outrage at the thought of my existence, either as fact or farce. There are notes from those few people with whom I maintain semi-regular correspondence. Finally, and perhaps most disturbingly, there are those who seem to find some small sliver of […]

Site Note

I have done away with my old counter by NextGenStats after reports from assorted individuals that they were serving up pop-up advertisments for spyware scanning.

Michigan Territory, 1835- concluded

I had already been up two hours or more when dawn drew near and the younger Kelly began to awaken. As I heard him begin to stir, I pulled down the tent wall he had strung against the lean-to, then ran a few steps and smoothly mounted the horse I had prepared. I readied one […]

Michigan Territory, 1835- continued

Darkness was falling rapidly upon us, but the Kelly’s kept moving, trying to make up lost time. I had the impression Tom knew of a good campsite and was willing to travel another hour or two in darkness to reach it. That they had declined to spend the night at the cabin in favor of […]