Reality Intrudes…

I returned to Boston to deal with certain matters. What did I find in my mail? A summons: Jury Duty. I could set this aside easily as I am transferring my permanent residence to Pennsylvania, but I find myself intrigued. I have never done this before. I doubt I would be selected for it seems […]

100 Things About Me

This was more fun than I had thought it might be-

Save The World

Mr. E Poet has done me a grave injustice, positing a question near and dear to my heart and then failing to have me note it until I was ready to depart on the little adventure mentioned the other day. I am not one prone to immediate reaction or quick reply; however, in this case […]


I am going to New York for a couple of weeks, perhaps a month at most. This is primarily for lawyer business and money matters, but also a little recreation. There is a nightlife in Harrisburg, honestly, but it leaves something to be desired if you are prone to very late nights. A city that […]

Random Thoughts and Fears

Sometimes people anger me. I am not such a narcissist as to believe I am unique in this; however, in my case anger carries great risk. Anger is precipitous; it moves one towards actions one might otherwise never consider. Furthermore, anger is a relatively uncommon trait for me lo these past several centuries, particularly anger […]