An Invitation

Ask me a question. Yes, this is a sly attempt at determining if anyone actually stays to read what I put here. Indulge me. Update: Questions and answers will be shown in the extended entry, once I get to them. 7-November-2004, more answers, such as they are.


It was an exercise in futility, but one willingly undertaken. Half a day spent in the air, trying not to think of the vast, blue expanse of the sea far below, then another day adjusting, waiting for the appointed day, and the appointed time. The caf? was warm and relaxed, offering an excellent view of […]


The McAllister House is alternately a flurry of activity and a place of nearly serene quiet and solitude. Since completion of the major renovations those quiet moments have increased dramatically to the point I find them disturbing. This place should not be so empty, so lacking in life and purpose. I find myself asking: have […]

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