History does not repeat itself, but it often rhymes. I watch the recent doings in Eastern Europe and see it in Iambic Pentameter: intriguing, but hardly exciting. I have heard similar rhythms before, but these are not so intense. The players and raconteurs lack passion. The time is not right. What the world is witnessing […]


There is a Jesuit Pope. The world truly has gone mad. I still live in the large old farmhouse in Pennsylvania. Surely I have gone mad as well. I have lived longer in one place, but never where so many knew the truths I hold so close. Three Thousand Five hundred and Thirty Nine years. […]


I have been gone a short while and I remain uncertain regarding the fate of this little experiment in soul-baring; however, I felt I should at least acknowledge the passing of another year if only to remind myself of unfinished business and loose ends. Much has occurred over the past two years, some of it […]

Spring Arrives

There is a missing part of me, something lacking in the mosaic of who and what I am today. It is hardly apparent when I live in isolation, but of late I dwell amongst people and invite them into my life in ways I never have before. Even when married, those who became my family […]

An Aside

“It’s not really fear,” she finally offered. “It’s more akin to shame. It’s also been self-indulgence, as I’ve been letting you try to sympathize with me. That’s a nice feeling. And, you may not realize it, but I do care what you think of me. It’s not something that I worry over, but… in truth […]


Having recently embarked upon what is surely the most foolhardy experiment of my existence, the result of which you who visit me here in this place shall no doubt live to pass judgment upon–I find myself alternately elated, defeated, and terrified. I awake every day gripped by the impulse to flee this place and every […]


Yes, the date was chosen by me rather than fate, and yes it is little more than a best guess, but I guessed and I chose to satisfy the curiosity of one who simply had to know. So as the Vernal Equinox approaches, allow me to offer another bit to those who simply must know…


I found myself in Boston once again, wandering streets I walked decades, or even centuries ago. This city has been a touchstone for me, a place I return to when an old life must give way to the new. I can measure my years on this continent by the changes wrought upon this city. It […]


He wears English Leather. It is an old man’s cologne, but on him the scent is so distracting. He is quiet and unassuming, but I would not call him shy. I feel his eyes upon me when he believes me unaware. He will not approach me for I am his benefactor- a free education and […]


Pennsylvania, April, 2005 CE She wasn’t looking at me, but was sitting back in her chair with her hands clasped behind her head and her bare feet up on the coffee table, staring out the window. I turned her words over and over in my head, but there simply wasn’t any way to avoid what […]