9 March, 2008

With any luck regular posting should resume on my birthday- March 21, 2008.

Stories About Me, Written By Others…

Chapter 1 I usually play video games with my wife and son on Thursday nights. Our rule: if the phone rings, we ignore it unless it’s important. Since not much is more important than helping my son blast assorted nasties to bits, the phone rarely was answered. Still, I’m no fool, and when the caller […]


I nearly decided not to comment upon my day of Jury Duty last week, as it was singularly uneventful. I was selected twice and excused twice, once for no apparent reason and the second time following voir dire. All in all it was rather what I had expected it to be. There was minor disappointment […]

The Sea

I have been dreaming of late, dreaming of the sea. I have a confession to make. Nothing earth shattering or terribly revealing, just a quirk… or perhaps more correctly a phobia: the sea terrifies me. It is not a fear of water, for swimming pools and lakes offer no problem, nor does swimming at the […]

A Post-UN World

I am not a terribly political animal, despite the apparent leanings of my writings to this point. It is the times, I suppose. Now I find myself considering what the post-UN world will look like. I still suspect that the United States and the United Kingdom have some hope of prevailing in the UNSC; however, […]

A question

A commenter has raised a common challenge: my take on history is seriously lacking in details of the great events of the world. There were other suggestions as well, in particular relating to my recounting of recent events in my life. Finally, there was the inevitable conclusion that this is all some sort of warped […]