Greetings to those who found their way here from Dean’s World. I am afraid that my political commentary has been sparse of late, but please do take a moment to browse.

No More

No more politics until January. I promise. The pain is too deep.


I have been a good girl. I have avoided politics and world events for some time now, concentrating on what I most desired to write when I started this site. Still, there have been some tentative questions sent my way from those who found this site when I was initially dealing with the upcoming war […]


Having studiously avoided commentary on world affairs for some time I feel it is proper to weigh in briefly on the situation in the Middle East in general, and Iraq in particular. The current situation in Iraq comes as no surprise to anyone who takes a realistic view of the challenges ahead. While the military […]


Time for another view of developments in the Iraq campaign. I note that the general American public seems to be reacting to events with a degree of sophistication that the modern media usually assumes them incapable of. There are lessons to be learned there. I noted last week that it is very difficult to form […]


What constitutes mercy? Under what circumstances does mercy become an ill-afforded luxury? Is there intrinsic value in sacrificing soldiers in order to retain a moral imperative? Does that value persist if exercising mercy may prolong the combat and prevent an immediate peaceable solution, post conflict? These two posts on Weekend Pundit and The Truth Laid […]

Den Beste’s Law

Steven Den Beste recently suggested guidelines for reacting to news reports on the war: For any of the following reports, allow at least six hours before you even begin to take them seriously: Any report of a Scud The first three reports of mass casualties by anyone For these, wait 12 hours: Any report of […]


There is a thought I have run across once or twice in the past several months that seems to be missing from the general debate regarding the upcoming war to remove the current Ba’athist regime in Iraq. This is simultaneously disturbing and understandable. Disturbing in that it appears rather simple and straightforward to me. Understandable […]

The EU

It is beginning to look as if the western governments have come to the understanding that the United States and the United Kingdom are deadly serious regarding Iraq. While nothing is ever finished until the votes are counted it appears that the French were not quite as prepared to sunder the United Nations as I […]

Yet More Politics

So, what will happen now? I do enjoy a mystery, but this hardly qualifies: why do so many have a hard time understand that the President of the United States was absolutely sober and deadly serious when he told the world that should the United Nations fail to fulfill its obligations the US and her […]