Time for another view of developments in the Iraq campaign. I note that the general American public seems to be reacting to events with a degree of sophistication that the modern media usually assumes them incapable of. There are lessons to be learned there.

I noted last week that it is very difficult to form a coherent opinion or sense of what is happening based on the hourly reports of the news media and nothing over the past several days has dissuaded me from this view. Last week there existed a nearly morose atmosphere amongst large segments of the media, yet just over a week later the Coalition is on the move, engaging and defeating Iraqi forces in detail. I am not a military buff, nor do I pretend to any great knowledge of tactics or strategy; however, it seems to me that the initial push served to essentially freeze the larger Iraqi units in place, then came a few days of re-supply and reorientation, and now the next phase appears to be under way.

In short, I would be very surprised if the media are given the gift of the huge “Battle of Baghdad” they seem to be anticipating. Instead the Coalition will likely proceed as they have to date: swift moves, consolidation, continuing pacification of the rear areas. They will eliminate the Republican Guard units one at a time, then possibly just sit and wait to allow those remaining in Baghdad to embrace the inevitable.

As always, I await events to prove me right or wrong.

I do have to express a minor bit of irritation with the press regarding the rescue of PFC Lynch. Excellent news, no matter how one chooses to take it. Still, the press has done this woman and for that matter all women serving in uniform a disservice. Please, please stop referring to her as Jessica. She is a soldier. Her rescue, as welcome as it is, is no more remarkable for her gender. Those who set out on that mission did so not for Jessica, but for Private Lynch of the United States Army.

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  1. I believe that is PFC Lynch. But if half the rumors are true, I’ll share a foxhole with her anytime.

    L.J. Lins, Sgt. E-5, RVN, 1969-1971

  2. The above commenet was originall posted on 04/05/2003 before re-posting here.