In the comments to this post, Mr. Renick takes me to task for my inhuman and murderous ways, then asks: “By the way, do you even believe in God? He may judge you one day you know.” Mr. Renick, What am I to believe in? What would you have me believe in? God. If I […]


Why continue on? Suicide is an odd construct amongst mortals. There are those societies and cultures that abhor and condemn it. Others are less judgmental. Still others glorify suicide in pursuit of some temporal victory. Regardless of which cultural construct one chooses to operate within I find the idea of taking your own life somewhat […]

Invitation to Despair

Having been absent some short while I feel the need to revisit something; however, I am uncertain of my ability to express this properly. In no small way a major purpose of this forum has been to seek the best, most complete method of saying what follows. Note that I hold no faith. Note furthermore […]

Trauma and Man

On occasion western civilization seems bent upon engaging in a startling, and perhaps quite dangerous bit of psychic engineering. I would find it odd, but for the fact that people generally prefer the safe to the arduous, the certain to the speculative. It is the unusual ones, those who eschew the known for the unknowable, […]


Money is an odd thing. It is such a measure of power or worth, yet it is intrinsically nothing, particularly in the present day western world. The possession of monetary wealth is nothing more than a representation upon a digital ledger in some bank computer, yet it confers so much upon those who control it. […]

The Desert

The desert offers solitude, and a simple mode of existence: mere survival. Granted this is a somewhat moot point for me, but it acts as further guarantor of my privacy, for the desert is both swift and merciless in its dealings with fools. Modern society has effected sufficient intrusion that it attempts to protect those […]

Evolution vs. Creation

Mr. E asks: can one argue the predisposition to love as being a more likely attestation of evolution or of creation? You may argue whatever you like, but since you are asking my opinion the short answer is “no”. I am afraid that I am about to disappoint a lot of people with my thoughts […]

Mr. E Asked A Question

In response to Mr. E’s comment on a previous post: If I were insane, how would I know? You and I could sit over coffee and have a nice chat and at the end of it you might be tempted to tell me you were fairly certain I was off my rocker, but would I […]

The Beast

I encountered a new blog yesterday, and I find it quite intriguing. He moves me, deeply, because his writing is so intensely personal. Go visit The Beast. UPDATE: Having had time to review everything I do believe I have been timid in my recommendation. Allow me to redress that now: Travis seems to be unwittingly […]

Love, Hope and Mankind

Regarding Love, Hope and the nature of Man. What follows is a synthesis of two letters which are my end of an on-going correspondence with another blogger, whom I quote here only briefly as I never requested his permission to post his letters entire.