A question

A commenter has raised a common challenge: my take on history is seriously lacking in details of the great events of the world. There were other suggestions as well, in particular relating to my recounting of recent events in my life. Finally, there was the inevitable conclusion that this is all some sort of warped fantasy. All in all, this is completely expected, and the only surprise is that it has happened so quickly.

Let me begin with history. I thought I had been clear regarding my experiences over the past thirty-five centuries. Perhaps JAE simply has a difficult time accepting simple statements, though I believe that is a somewhat unfair assessment. Let me restate: over the past many centuries I have categorically NOT been a driving force in the social and scientific evolution of mankind. I have made no great discoveries, I have fomented no revolutions, I have inspired no poets (at least, none of any renown) and I have not occupied the center of any but the smallest cultural circles. I was a slave. When I was not breaking my back in the fields or working my fingers to blistered agony I was on my back beneath some sweaty bastard who in many cases did not even know my name. It was a brutish and nasty existence during which my major concern was avoiding being discovered and burned alive/fed to wolves/stoned/drowned/hanged/beheaded or suffering any of the many other myriad inventive and extraordinarily unpleasant fates of those who raised the suspicions of peoples whose understanding of reality was based on worship of some cruel and fickle assortment of spirits and gods. Forgive me if I did not spend the first 20 centuries of my life studying up on world events so that I could play twenty questions with people who are just as predisposed to cast stones as those who would have destroyed me back in the ages of ignorance.

Next, my personal life. I will offer mea culpa on this point. Until this time I have never, never, made an effort to share my experiences with anyone outside an extremely closely held group. In a very odd way I find this exhilarating. It is as if I am confiding in a very dear friend, for the very first time in my life. I am not even sure why I am doing this- even with the precautions I have taken it represents an extraordinary breach a personal privacy policy which has kept me alive for more than three thousand years. I originally intended to merely offer commentary on world events. I did not, and still do not, care if anyone pays any attention- the counter is just my way of seeing if anyone has stopped by. It does not feed my ego in any way. Yet as I began my own private life suddenly intruded and I could not help but express those events here, and I will not stop. As to your suggestion that what is going on with my friends’ grandson is some warped seduction, I assure you it is not. This young man is in severe distress and as such he represents a grave threat to the public, and by way of association, to my very dear and trusted friends. If my intervention leads to seduction, so be it. If it leads to a decision to end his life… I have killed before, and for far less worthy reasons.

Finally, is this fantasy? Occam’s Razor demands that one treat it as such. To be completely honest, I am depending on such reasoning. I may be apparently ageless, but I am convinced that I can be destroyed. I see no need to hasten that day. Please, feel free to disbelieve.

2 Responses to “A question”

  1. I take your statements at face value MD…You may very well be an immortal or someone bored and has a LOT of time on your hands…LOL. I still think you are fascinating. I would like to hear a few stories about your childhood…Are you really the daughter of Methuselah, or did you choose Methuselah to get more hits on your site. Just curious. Keep posting though.

  2. The above comment was first posted 05/29/2003 before being moved here.