And so it begins. I usually make a serious relocation only when it is time to “age out” of an extant identity- this prevents, at least to some degree, the difficulty of encountering old acquaintances in my new guise. Up until the last twenty years or so this has not been a terribly difficult process; however, the advent of computer and travel technology has made me face the reality that to continue operating as I have over the past thirty-five centuries I may be required to relocate to some less-developed part of the world, a prospect I do not greet with joy.

I am not afraid of hard living. I spent most of the first half of my life in bondage of one kind or another, often in situations where mere survival required serious efforts from all involved. Even in the later centuries the standard of living I enjoyed, while above average at the time, was usually something most modern westerners would find intolerable. It is not that humanity has gone soft; rather it is that the underlying expectations have changed. There are many people who would truly relish a return to hand-to-mouth existence. Most everybody else would die fairly quickly.

It is my experience that people resist change just enough in aggregate to keep from being overwhelmed while not causing stagnation. True Luddites seldom succeed for long ? a society that turns inward and refuses to move forward is doomed to be overtaken by more dynamic peoples. Eventually they are absorbed, destroyed, or moved along by force. So, to move to some place still locked in the previous century (or even millennium) is something to be avoided. I prefer to live amongst those who delight in the future, rather than those mired in the past.

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  1. Okay…

    It seems to me like you’re setting yourself up for some Mrs. Robinson-style action with “grandson” while at the same time trying to imply that you have something to say about everything going on in the world. And all while trying to avoid saying anything that’ll piss anyone off. Yawn

    Got to admit that you dodged the bullet regarding history, saves you alot of research, eh?

    I’m not trying to be a dick here it’s just that it seems somebody could have alot of fun with a format like this and instead you’re turning it in to some woman’s mid-life-crisis-do-the-pool-boy fantasy.

    just my 2 cents

  2. I’d certainly be interested to find out how you’re going to go about getting this youngster squared away. Of course, with your alleged lengthy experience, it ought to be a piece of cake.

  3. Gee, bro, thanks for the encouragement… and where is she anyhow?

  4. It might surprise you to find that this is merely a diversion, and an experimental one at that. Still, I shall attempt to address your somewhat lowbrow concerns in detail shortly.

  5. FInding an identity was probably fairly easy in the past, but in these days, don’t you find it very difficult…EVERYONE, somehow or someway leaves a paper trail. I will say that it is a safe bet that not many are looking for a three thousand five hundred year old woman.

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