There are many things I am grateful for, but I give true thanks for this.

3 Responses to “Thanksgiving”

  1. a question.. if on 2012..u began aging a normal human lifespan .. what would u do..

    spend every waking moment recounting ur life in writing so that those who may listen ,will benifit from such great knowledge!!!!
    or live, find…. and that one expierence that u never could have.. …….a family that you never have to lose ..that while..u grow, old.. they do too , there may be something special in that u grow old and die together as one…. its a hard choice… humanity never believes..anyway
    one of my few ,but best gifts is… i always recognize truth when it is presented to me
    …….oh by the way i didnt use this date because of some arbitrary mayan calender cliche but rather ..the science behind what..
    a magnetic polar shift….would do to what men of science would cause a dimensional
    shift to a higher level…..[increasing the degree] of aging the assume..
    .oh by the way .. i cant spell or type…so feel free to edit my posts anytime…so i dont ruin such a great page of insite with my nonsense…if i could spell …i would have tried the word accelerate…….lol……. farly

  2. An interesting question. This will require more than a comment to address.

  3. i meant to type magnetic pole shift….

    although a polar shift, could be something.. i have a cat named after a polar bear lol….

    thats my droll humor… my hearts a flutter that you actually read our posts………
    you are truely impressive…i.. envy any and all humankind that actually got to meet u…