It Has Been Close To One Month

Whither goes my poetic friend?

2 Responses to “It Has Been Close To One Month”

  1. I am here. It has been too long since I had the opportunity to stop by. I have been spending my time on the opposite end of your spectrum, with those whose lives are too short. There are common streams, though. They consider their pain, and contemplate their effect on the ages. Some think themselves as immortal as you, or appear to.

    This morning a rocket came in about 40 m from me as I was going to the shower. No injuries, and minimal property damage, but yet another reminder of the barrier that seperates you and me. It remains for me to wonder if our efforts here will bear fruit. You, however, will see that tree grow and prosper, or wither and die, as you have so many other attempts by man to stand in defiance of his own nature and shout “Peace” into the maelstrom of greed and hatred.

    But my work here is done. The world is, once again, saved, and it now remains for others to keep it thus. I almost regret that I will miss the first free elections here. Not so much so that I would stay five minutes longer, though. I have a Mrs. E and a couple of Poetlings to attend to. The Poetlings have promised “much Fragging” in their favourite video games, while Mrs. E promises, well, other things that have been sorely missed.

  2. I am relieved to find you whole, hale and homeward-bound. Welcome back.