Developments Continue

It could be worse.

More lawyers, then decisions must be made.

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    Don’t worry MD, once the Glorious Revolution comes, we won’t need lawyers.

    Just bureaucrats.
    TheYeti | Email | Homepage | 11.12.03 – 7:01 am | #

    Unlike many I harbor no ill will towards those in the legal profession. I rely upon them quite frequently for their discretion in matters that are certainly legal, but would prove problematic were they made public. Of course, it helps to have money and an innate ability to judge a man’s worth…

    MD | Email | Homepage | 11.12.03 – 9:26 pm | #

    My distaste for lawyers has nothing to do with them personally.

    It’s the profession itself which irks my not-so-delicate sensibilities.

    A necessity? Absolutely.
    Indicative of a distrustful and unjust society? Unfortunately.
    Disastrous if there were none?

    That’s all the -ly’s I have.
    TheYeti | Email | Homepage | 11.13.03 – 7:15 am | #

    I empathize with the Not-Really- Abominable One. I know several friends from my youth that went down that path. Some aspired to it from my earliest recollections of them. Others had dreams of saving the world in other ways, but ended up following that path. It isn’t the practitioners of Law I decry, so much as our unfortunate dependence on arbitration. The mephitic coctail of mistrust and greed has done its maelevolent work on society over the centuries, as MD can well attest, and I despair that the work cannot be undone.

    Perhaps that is why I have been so obsessive lately regarding kindness. I feel that mankind is approaching some point of import. We seem to be progressing at ever-increasing speed toward a horizon of fewer people being able to injur and kill more people in a single act, with no way to reverse the trend. Given that progress in this direction will continue, we will eventually reach a point at which any one person will be able to destroy all of life on Earth. Should this become the case, it seems inevitable that someone will use that power.

    I really can’t blame lawyers for that, though.
    Mr. E. | Email | Homepage | 11.17.03 – 4:53 am | #