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  1. This is a wonderfull work of fiction, reminds me, partly, of Anne Rice. If you’d just dropped the politics… :/ They’re just too annoying.

    (It’s wierd to think of a 3050 year-old woman as a republican. How can someone that old “trusts” politicians still? Or even regard their opinions, actions, etc? Have somany centuries teach you nothing about the true nature of politics? If not – you are truly human, lol.)
    Anyway, keeping the reader guessing about the truthfulness of your story is wonderfull storytelling

    I have more stuff to say but my english does not reach that far. And I don’t know if you read old comments or if you’re finished with the blog.
    Cya… or not.

  2. Oops – 3500, I meant.

  3. The above comments were first posted 01/10/2004 prior to being re-posted here today.