Revisiting The Past

I made a brief visit to Boston where a certain Safe Deposit Box contains certain things of little value to anyone but myself. From that box I retrieved a Diary, and a letter. Both are quite old, but the script on the diary is still familiar. I can remember the first line without looking:

“I am most insanely foolish to keep a reckoning such as this, but my Jeremy insists, and I shall deny him nothing.”

Should any care to know, this is all Etherian’s fault. Her fault, and the perverse creature Fate, turning my thoughts to love lost and pasts left to dust. Once I set the issue of William Travis to rest I found myself drawn to this place and these desires.

I spent a quiet afternoon on the Common reliving two glorious decades. And when I was done I had made a choice without ever realizing there was a question before me.

3 Responses to “Revisiting The Past”

  1. A part of me wishes I hadn’t asked, but I had to. An explanation, of sorts, is my most recent entry on my blog.

  2. There is no need to explain, my dear. I read your words, and I do understand. It is amazing is it not, the potential bound within the scribe’s quill: the power to exorcise demons, and give flight to dreams, all contained in a tool as simple as a pen. My own writings are no more than the means I employ to help me understand myself and accept what I already know must be. While I meant what I said the truth is that I have been moving towards a sea change in my life for decades now. Your question was just one more prod towards a path I face in an intoxicating state of longing and terror.

  3. The above comments were first posted on 09/13/2003 prior to being re-posted here today.