Loren Speaks

The following is a letter from Loren, whom I have mentioned tangentially in previous entries. He and I have carried out an interesting, though somewhat one-sided of late, correspondence regarding who and what I am. We are wary of each other and he has requested that I respect his wishes not to have his true name or e-mail address posted. Regarding his true name, I am certain I do not possess it, but Loren is simply another layer of anonymity I have layered upon him. His address shall remain secret. Have you any desire to respond to him I am certain the comments will do. All that being said, Loren has proffered the following in response to the conversations I have posted between The Yeti and myself:

This time I actually have a comment of quite a precise nature. Eyed through the last entries on your forum and the careless ramblings of “the Yeti” truly caught my attention. This is with regards to his theories regarding the origins of present day humanity, the artificial breeding of such as imposed by “aliens”, and how this commonly ludicrous though perceptive “mix” of facts and fiction seems as the most plausible explanation to these questions.

Sadly, I must confess that the Yeti is on the money in his conclusion – my stated sadness relates to my extreme skepticism about dealing with these matters on a public forum, as I have amply explained to our hostess privately.

Without going into too much detail, I can verify the Yeti’s conclusion by stating the following: After conducting studies similar to his and cross-referencing with material both uncommon and widely used by historians and archeologists etc. I soon came to an identical conclusion.

At this point, I will point out that I have not gone into detail when it comes to the Yeti’s presentation in this forum – not for lack of time 😉 but rather because the nitty-gritty details of what diety was called what in Sumer is of little or no relevance to the greater scope of things. In my opinion, that is.

These “aliens” we so ignorantly call them are named “the liars in wait” in some old (partly reproduced) texts. Naturally, the inversion of faith that modern religion represents deems them as “demons” and so on.

This is all very interesting. It is always nice being further verified by others making sound conclusions on forlorn subjects.

Excuse my satire on the subject. It’s a pesky side-effect of things I’d rather not go into publicly.

Perhaps the Yeti has come far enough in his understanding of things to comment on the following: As far as my investigations has taken me, it would seem likely that the activity of these “aliens” stretch for purposes far beyond just mining – everything I’ve found actually points to regular primate life-forms being “test-subjects” of theirs. Put on a time-line granted the correct perspective, and starting at the point where monkeys were upgraded to “being aware of their own awareness” (i.e. homo sapiens sapiens) the next INTERESTING step in this species evolution clearly seems to be the point where this awareness also begins to incorporate knowledge/understanding of their veritable creators.

The pointless side-tracks of this perticular subject are many: The converging of Armageddon-theories in inverted modern faiths with the progress of the “educational revolution”, for example, not to mention the “eternal reoccurance” noted in certain Eastern creeds. It is not for such reasonings I find all this interesting, however.

Given my circumstances, I’ve spent a few decades plowing though everything I have been able to find regarding this civilization’s past.
With all this lore and symbolic gibberish put into perspective compared to its singular source one is provoked to emphatic laughter.

What we’re dealing with here is wisdom beyond the whims of most human scholars, which is why I find it questionable to deal with it at a site as open as this one, but while the above stated (whether one is educated enough to grasp it or not) is as truthfull as can be, what I’m about to linger on below is nothing but my own theories.

I both suspect and hope that these fabled “liars in wait” are nothing but waiting to reveal themselves to the primates on this rock. They are waiting for time to take its tool on the fallacies of common man of today, primarily religion and other pipe-dreams, since their appearance in public would cause too much fuzz around Jesus-shouting mobs and vagrant flower-power-alien-lovers.

The world we live in today is for the most parts uncivilized, ignorant, stupid, religious, and really quite primitive (something PC-progenies often forget) – pretty much where they left it back in the days. If modern civilization overcomes the problems it faces today and manages to sort out the petty struggles of monkeys else-where I for one find it perfectly within reason that the rewards bestowed upon our hosting species will be far beyond their highest notions of fiction.

Having said as much, I would just like to extend a greeting to all partaking in this forum – keep your heads down and your eyes open!

Our noble hostess will surely explain why.

2 Responses to “Loren Speaks”

  1. Loren, anything I write would be pure conjecture.

    And I don’t know why. I’m willing to bet, that given enough information, I have the synthesis skills to figure it out.

    Call it a talent.

  2. The above comment was first posted on 09/09/2003 before being re-posted here today.