Some geek action

July 29th, 2007

I’ve been busy for a bit, so little posting is the result. Built my new computer- Athlon X2 64 5300, 2GB DDR2 800 with a Gigabyte GeForce 8500 GT 512MB PCIe graphics card.  The thing screams under XP 32-bit, but I’ve noticed the drivers from the Gigabyte motherboard leave a bit to be desired. Reports are the 64 bit Vista drivers are solid, so I may rebuild it with that- I’m just not eager to upgrade my Quicken software (it craps out under Vista), and Vista is still not my favorite OS by a long shot.  I’m the sole Windows Admin at my company and I refuse to deploy it for numerous reasons.

Anyhow, I’m determined to keep this blog and moving forward. I’ve given up drinking for the foreseeable future, always guaranteed to remove obstacles to writing, and I’m moving again on the Dalene thread- perhaps I can finally wrap that up, though the characters still refuse to cooperate with me.  I have the proofed version of Methuselah’s Daughter in hand and I can finally start prepping for the third edition.

Last, but not least, I have a meme to respond to for Jayne. Plenty to get the writing jiuces back into the flow.

2 Responses to “Some geek action”

  1. 1 Dave Aikens
    September 1st, 2007 at 12:36 pm


    Hey, old friend. Just thought I’d spray a tag on your wall. Feel free to return it.

    I just got a new box as well, as a result of my “change in careers”. AMD Turion 64×2, 2GB, with an Nvidia GeForce Go6150 (560MB) graphics card. Laptop, with a 17″ monitor. About as portable as my 21″ TV, but it sure rocks.

  2. 2 Xias
    September 1st, 2007 at 10:43 pm

    Interesting list of things, Dave. I might be tempted to try something like that if I could just shake this pervasive moral cowardice :).

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