And here we are…

June 1st, 2007

The beautiful thing about a new blog by an unknown person is you can just do and say what you want for a few months (or maybe forever- it’s always possible that you’re just too damned boring for anyone to bother) until you get a feel for what you want to show to the world. Now, I’m not new to this whole thing- I was the creator of Weekend Pundit, a New Hampshire political and cultural site now run by my brother and his cohorts. I still post occasionally there, and I still have front page rights over at Dean Esmay’s site, so I’m not jumping into this naked and unprepared.

What you’ll find here is fiction I’ve written, and maybe a smattering of political or cultural commentary, but not too much politics- I gave up on ranting back in 2003. Bad for the blood pressure and accomplishes nothing. I have a novel I’ve written with Dean Esmay, Methuselah’s Daughter, and I’ll post excerpts, but most of that work appears on the main character’s blog- click on Zsallia Marieko in the blog roll to see more.

I’ll give this a few weeks and see what unfolds. Maybe I’ll keep at it, maybe I won’t.

One Response to “And here we are…”

  1. 1 A.E. Richardson
    June 1st, 2007 at 11:18 pm

    Well, I hope you keep at it. It would be a shame to waste such potential, and I’m eager to read some of that fiction.

    Take care.

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