June 4th, 2007

So, a chapter at a time I’m going through the Novel and trying to fix stuff. Mostly it’s grammar an d punctuation- so much of this was written in a stream-of-consciousness mode and that means lots of commas and weird sentence structures. It all looked right two or three years ago, but now it’s just glaringly… bad.  No wonder we didn’t win the Blooker Prize.

The problem is not the story.  I’m not going to be modest, the book simply rocks, but that’s not enough- it has to be accessible, readable, and in going over the first 10 chapters I can see why some people would just dismiss it before getting any further. Both Dean and I thought the story was good enough to overcome any writing issues, and it is, but only if somebody is willing to keep at it. Quite frankly, the beginning of the book fails to deliver not due to content, but due to sloppiness.

The chapters I posted are a little bit fixed, not all fixed, but it ‘s very much a work in progress.