The Election Is Over At Last!

November 18th, 2008

I know the tag line on this blog mentions opinions, but it seems of late I’ve been reluctant to publicly discuss politics at all. I live in Concord, NH which is a pretty Liberal city as far as New Hampshire goes and usually goes heavily Democratic in elections so my neighbors and I recognize our political differences and choose to let them go un-discussed most of the time. Policy talk? Sure, but nothing about candidates or elections. There was a gentleman’s agreement in our little cul-de-sac neighborhood to avoid putting up signs etc and it made things pretty peaceful while the rest of the city got caught up in the craze that was Election 2008.

I think John McCain would have made a fine President and I’m not in the habit of feeling good about Democrats holding total power, either at the state or the Federal level. Nonetheless I’m kind of proud that my nation elected Obama. It may sound weird from somebody who hoped he’d lose, but my biggest fear was that he’d lose because too many racists would simply refuse to tolerate a black man as President (channeling my inner leftist-moonbat, I guess). I don’t know how we’d prove something like that- it was just something I was sure we’d know if it happened. It didn’t, and even if my new President holds a lot of strange notions I don’t particularly agree with I’m still pretty proud to see him moving into the Oval Office.

Besides, the Democrats won big. Now they have to govern.