A change in the air

April 29th, 2008

I’ve been kicking about, considering all the possibilities since deciding to put my infatuation with Methuselah’s Daughter to rest. I still have a few stories kicking around that really should be finished, a few others that are mostsly finished and should be posted- all this if only to start putting up some content on a regular basis. In the blogging world it is post or die- Zsallia went from 400 daily hits to 5 in a matter of weeks once she stopped updating.  This place has never seen more than a few hits other than when I finally posted those two  deadly chapters we eliminated from the book.

I have the proofed copy of the novel finished.  I was going to flesh out the epilogue, but now that I’ve decided to put it to rest I don’t see the point so I’ll probably have it buttoned up and uploaded to Lulu within a week or so. At that point I’m done with it- this version will never be “published” in that I’m not going to drop any money into getting an ISBN number or Amazon listing. Wasted money, in the final analysis.

Dean and I never got off our asses and tried to sell the book. In the end we sold about 105 copies, roughly half of which we bought ourselves just to give away. This leaves me about $500.00 in the hole on the entire project.  Not a lordly sum, and not money I regret spending, just not something I’m willing to do again.