Brainwashing 101 and the Educational STASI

November 8th, 2007

Two institutes of Higher Education have been floating around the periphery of the news lately. Fortunately there are several bloggers paying closer attention.

The latest issue has been the University of Delaware’s Student Housing re-education program where the Resident Assistants were trained in having one-on-one meetings with students living in the dorms to discuss living situations and essentially train them in diversity. It sounds like just more PC fuzzy-bunnyness until you look into the details, after which you have to wonder just who it was who thought this was a good idea, and did they once consult the University’s legal department before putting it in place?

Welcome to the new Gulag, same as the old Gulag.

Then there is the story of William and Mary College, where College President Gene Nichol began by removing the cross from the Wren chapel on campus in order to make the 274-year-old chapel more welcoming to students of other faiths. Next came the anonymous student denunciation system whereby students were encouraged to report other students engaging in inappropriate speech or activities. Since the spotlight was shone on this program the language at the reporting site has been modified to render it somewhat less Orwellian in appearance, but can any good really come of such a system on a college campus?

I like to believe that the portrayals of rampant PC intolerance in education are at least a little overblown, but sometimes it’s hard…

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