Sayonara, Facebook!

June 12th, 2013

No more Facebook for me. Seriously, all done.

The last time I said this was in response to Facebook’s annoying habit of changing and resetting privacy options- every time they tweaked something they would automatically reset my privacy options to the default (read that as “wide open”). I got over that after about a week and reactivated my account, mostly because it was the easiest way to keep up with the antics of my grandchildren.

This time, no it is not about the NSA, it’s simply that I took a look at my timeline and realized more than 60% of my posts were political. This surprised me because I at least claim to hate getting all this political crap on Facebook, yet here I was, a prime offender. When I realized that and accepted it I just went over my Facebook experience these past few months and came to understand that more often than not checking Facebook served to piss me off.

Seriously? I don’t need anything extra to piss me off. I realized that I was getting into political arguments with my neighbors that I NEVER would engage in face-to-face, and not the GOOD kind of arguments- these were tit-for-tat exchanges between me as a right-of-center with some libertarian leanings type of guy and people whose ideologies ran from left-of-center to so far left I had to look right to see them.

Nothing good would ever come of this and a value my friendship with these people too much to let something as ridiculous as Facebook become a problem. My wife will keep her account and I’ll keep up with the kids and grand-kids through her.