Windows 8, the Final, Temporary Review

September 3rd, 2012

I call this “Temporary” because maybe, just maybe something will come along to make Windows 8 a viable Desktop OS. Maybe.

Thinking of upgrading to Windows 8? If you are running Windows 7 on a desktop computer or a laptop without a touch screen or sophisticated touch pad then my advice to you is simply this: Don’t do it.

The new OS has lots of good things under the hood- it’s faster, more streamlined, even more stable (as compared to other RTM releases). Ditching Aero alone is enough to noticeably improve performance. The problem is, the price is too high. If you are on a desktop without a touchscreen you are going to rapidly become frustrated with the Interface-We-Are-Not-Supposed-To-Call-Metro imposing its will upon you. Knowing that most desktop machines out there don’t support the touchscreen interface, why on Earth is Microsoft jamming it down our throats?

There is a classic desktop you can get to from Metro, but no start menu, just the ability to paste shortcuts to all those non-metro-enabled applications you own. What would have been so hard about offering the user an option to use a classic Start menu? This alone will delay if not outright prevent adoption of this OS in Enterprise environments- learning curve is too steep and benefits are way, way to few.

Getting a new tablet with Windows 8? You’ll love it. Got a hot new laptop with a high-end touch pad? This may be for you. That desktop machine you built or bought last year? Stick with Windows 7 and save yourself the hassles.