October Update!

October 29th, 2009

So, what’s been going on?

I had an excellent interview up at Dartmouth Hitchcock in Lebanon, NH. The position didn’t pan out, but they were a great group of people and at least I was able to sit down and talk shop for a while. A few other nibbles have been popping up, but nothing that’s led to a face-to-face interview. I refuse to get depressed about it, though- there’s just no point.

Now, speaking of things to get depressed about, the Chapter 7 hearing is on November 5th. I was hoping to avoid this- if a job had been forthcoming it could have made it unnecessary, but at this point it’s unavoidable. I really didn’t expect to be out of work this long, figuring on three or four months, tops. Instead it’s heading into seven months and that’s a little tough to swallow.

On a happier note the new book is proceeding apace. It’s still pretty disorganized, mostly because Dean and I have been just brainstorming and spitting out short pieces we intend to weave together later. We’ve also reversed roles to some degree in that last time he was the organizer and driver and this time it falls to me. Personally I like that, but his life situation is so chaotic it makes it hard to get the kind of dynamic in place that we rely on to make things move forward. Hopefully he’ll be back online in a week and we can make some more headway.

More regular postings should resume (yeah, where have we heard that before?), mostly because I either use this blog or get rid of it.