The Prodigal Son Returns…

September 10th, 2009

Or not. Nonetheless I am back at this again and will probably be updating more often now that I finally have something to say other than ‘Unemployment Sucks!”

Unemployment Sucks. I never said i wouldn’t say that, just that it wasn’t all I had to say.

One of the benefits of all this free time is that Dean Esmay and I have finally started work on a sequel to Methuselah’s Daughter! It’s surprising to me how easily this is flowing out, particularly since we have essentially tossed aside certain things we Vowed We Would Never Do simply because the story we’ve developed is so compelling. Take my word for it:).

If you would like to be on our exclusive reader list (only requirement is feedback, positive, negative, creative, political, anything) you can email me at xias-AT-jaeddy-DOT- com.

As to employment, the summer was a bust, but having seen the way work dropped off during the summer at my previous job I was not at all surprised. Once summer was done the contacts and interviews started coming in and things are looking if not hopeful, at least better. The work is out there, I just need to go ferret it out. I had a three-and-one-half hour interview just yesterday and it seemed to go quite well, but they openly admitted they had many applicants. Not being a developer or scripting guru I can see where I might get edged out, but I remain optimistic- despair is for pussies.

On a bleaker note I’ve filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. I hate to do it, but there just isn’t any more money and I can either pay the consumer debt or pay the mortgage, not both. In the end I vote for keeping a roof over my and my family’s heads. Things plod onward. I’ll be updating more frequently now.