Methuselah’s Daughter, Part Two, Chapters 12 & 13

June 26th, 2007

Latest two chapters are up on It opens with more talk between Int and Zsallia, then moves forward with the tale of Att and Attuz. As the book progresses a real antagonism develops between Zsallia and her ghost writer, reflecting the growing tension between Dean and me that eventually culminated in our ending the book after Part 4, rather than continuing on with the story of Jeremy and Elaine in Part 5.

The basic disagreement between us was the need to reveal the mechanics of Zsallia’s immortality- Dean felt it was crucial to do it, I felt it was crucial not to. To make matters worse (from my point of view, anyhow) I had provided Dean with my working theory, one that I really didn’t like at all, and he fell in love with it. We actually wrote two very powerful vignettes around that theory and were working towards making them the climax of the book… but I hated the whole thing and desperately wanted NOT to do it. In the end we couldn’t reconcile our opinions enough to continue.

There may yet be a second book, but I’ll have to write it myself. One thing I am determined to finish is the story of Elaine and Jeremiah McAllister- that will happen regardless of whether or not there is a second novel.

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