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Tip Of The Day: Punctuation Saves Lives

September 28th, 2011

“Let’s eat, Grandma!” That is all…

Excerpt from Methuselah’s Daughter: Warrior

August 29th, 2010

After Action Reports are always deadly dull writing, but I had done so many I had it down to a science. The trick is to boil everything down to essentials and avoid editorializing except where individuals clearly performed in a manner above and beyond the call. I had mine completed in thirty minutes once we […]


May 31st, 2010

I am trapped in my basement office with my HEPA air filter running full blast. Why? <a href=””>I blame Canada</a>. Seriously, we could smell it when we woke up, but it wasn’t until we went outside and saw the haze and the brown horizon that it hit home. A few minutes after that and my […]

The Talis Incident

March 8th, 2010

Under the fold is an excerpt from the novel Methuselah’s Daughter: Warrior. Calling it an ‘excerpt’ is a little pretentious because while we have the plot lines and characters all figured out the actual writing action has been minimal to say the least. Dean and I are both pretty pumped about this sequel, but neither […]

Methuselah’s Daughter

November 13th, 2009

Time to make some decisions, I guess.  I haven’t been able to update the MD blog in a very long time and it bothers me to have it sitting out there in limbo. Renewal comes up in March and it may be time to let it go. Dean and I are working on Book 2, […]

October Update!

October 29th, 2009

So, what’s been going on? I had an excellent interview up at Dartmouth Hitchcock in Lebanon, NH. The position didn’t pan out, but they were a great group of people and at least I was able to sit down and talk shop for a while. A few other nibbles have been popping up, but nothing […]

The Prodigal Son Returns…

September 10th, 2009

Or not. Nonetheless I am back at this again and will probably be updating more often now that I finally have something to say other than ‘Unemployment Sucks!” Unemployment Sucks. I never said i wouldn’t say that, just that it wasn’t all I had to say. One of the benefits of all this free time […]

Summer cometh and still no job…

June 16th, 2009

Well, it certainly has been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve been unemployed two months at this point and the initial rush of applications, resume re-makes and whatnot are complete and we are heading into the long slog known as summer, where job opportunities, already semi-scarce here in New Hampshire, really dry up. That’s not to […]


January 1st, 2009

I finally finshed the updated epilogue for Methuselah’s Daughter and posted Part Four, along with the Afterword and the Zsallic language glossary (based on proto-indo european and purely the creation of the Reverend Paul Burgess). So, it’s all there. For free, even- I may never get around to massaging it into the right format for […]

Just To Prove A Point…

December 23rd, 2008

The first three parts of the 3rd Edition are now available at the Novel link. Part Four will be following shortly- turns out I hadn’t finished fixing the epilogue, but it’s really just a paragraph or two. We had an extensive dictionary of the “Zsallic” language in the original editions- I’ve removed it from this […]

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