Not With a Bang, but a Whimper…

God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty. (First Corinthians, 1:27) Ostia, circa 115 BCE Dawn was more than an hour past as I made my way to the fish market?our brothel had […]

The Valley of the Shadow…

Rufus’s suicide and the open gloating of his wife and cousin had been bitter to endure, but that was merely the beginning. The next morning Vipsania had taunted me before the household, daring me to act, to prove I was divine and undo the acts she had set in motion; and I had been powerless, […]

Whom the Gods Would Destroy…

Arretium, circa 128 BCE Death, when it comes, rarely arrives with a knock at the door, waiting politely while one prepares oneself. This is a lesson I had learned long before, yet still the following events struck me with a force beyond any I had experienced in many centuries. Two days before it came, Salia […]

Arretium, continued

And so I found myself that next morning on a sun-drenched stone patio engaged in light verbal sparring with an old Greek, envying him his family and the joy they gave him. Once Marieko sent Salia on her way he turned his gaze fully upon me and his displeasure was clear. I tried to imagine […]


Circa 129 BCE I watched as the young man left the patio, his olive skin rippling over smooth muscles, his body alive with energy that can only be captured by youth in full bloom. “He’s beautiful,” I offered, then stifled a laugh as I saw Marieko’s spine stiffen. “There are things I could teach him… […]


The forest enveloped me as I ran in a long, loping stride while watching my footing along the game trail. Branches tore at me unnoticed as I let the seething anger in my breast drive me forward, expending it in the physical exertion of separating myself from the Roman camp. Following the game trail let […]


I awoke swinging by my ankles and wrists, bound to a pole carried on the shoulders of two men, like some fresh kill being carried home after a hunt. I was naked, my throat was on fire, and I could feel neither my hands nor my feet. As I realized my predicament a roar of […]


Seven days. Seven days of running, hiding, backtracking and on occasion, killing. Seven days of knowing he was out there, relentless in his determination to bring me to heel. I could see it in him whenever I ventured close enough to spy him, see that this was not about punishment, nor about revenge. This was […]

The Roman

Rhumenk, Slodhe had called them. They were rumored to have killed and enslaved some of the tribes to the far south, but Slodhe said they were not hostile in their encounters with his people, merely sought trade and hunting. I was angry at that last, for if they were hunting in my woods, they had […]


Circa 130 BCE Communing with the mother-goddess, Nerthō, in my dreams, I felt a slight breeze upon my face and heard her voice upon it. Your people are calling you, sister, she whispered in my ear. Stirring myself awake I heard a group of men in the distance, chanting in the old tongue. My people, […]