“It’s an electric guitar,” I said, blinking at her as innocently as I could manage. Dalene smirked at me, “I know what it is. Where’d you get it?” “Last night. You know how musicians are- always horny, always broke. I made a trade.” It was mostly the truth, though I had laid out cash for […]


“You look like hell,” she said, but there was a very real note of concern in her voice. I looked up at her, staring into those corn flower eyes sunk within their dark sockets, and I offered her a wan smile. “You should talk.” Just a week ago she would have made some cutting remark […]

1963- Summer

You are dying, every day marking another long stride towards the grave. Neff and Aiko are terrified, but they cannot confront you for you have become the center of their world. The do not trust me, they cannot, for I am too new and too much an unknown. They resent me nearly as much as […]

One Day In the Life..

“The most important thing’s to stick together. Ain’t nobody here for us girls but us.” I nodded, nothing more, keeping up my facade of nervous anticipation. Neff and Aiko had paired off to work the far end of ‘our’ block while we took the north corner. Our pimp, Jacques, was a small-time player and his […]


I saw you long before we met; you and your girlfriends on a street corner near the French Quarter, surrounded by a crowd. You were playing guitar while Neff and Aiko accompanied on the violin and viola. It was hauntingly beautiful and so very sad, for as I approached it was clear despite this performance […]


I remember our last words to each other, the anger you felt, and the betrayal. You could not understand how I could love you as I did and not share the vision you treasured. What could I say to you? That for me the band had been no more than a tool to pry you […]


I never wanted to hurt you. I thought I knew best… now I am not so certain. I understand your anger and I share your pain. Do what you feel you must. I love you. Please forgive me. Angie