I have become reticent of late. Circumstances have surrounded me such that my sense of control over events has been frayed nearly to the breaking point and I have embraced notions that would have been anathema to me just one year ago. I have taken not just one, but two men into my confidence, and in doing so have laid open my most private thoughts and memories to be prodded and explored- and all within a time span so brief as to be but an eye-blink. This is the reason for my prolonged silences and the dearth of tales once so prevalent here.

Changes are coming; drastic, dangerous ventures that once done cannot be undone. I surrender myself to the judgment of this ?modern’ world you have created, but I reserve the right to throw down my arms, abandon my safe haven and flee into the wilderness.

Those I trust assure me such drastic measures should never be necessary. I do wish I shared their certainty, but I admit to being of a much less charitable disposition of late. Along those lines I have made some changes in preparation for the coming weeks’ festivities. First, there is a new site design in the works. Second, I will be turning on TypeKey registration for comments. Those who shun TypeKey for whatever reason are still welcome to comment, but those comments are subject to approval. I shall endeavour to be diligent and see comments move fairly swiftly, but I am a creature of slow habits so I make no firm promises.

2 Responses to “Changes”

  1. Whatever accomodations you feel you must make for your safety’s sake, you should take.

    I, for one, will delight in whatever you choose to share with us.


  2. I am somewhat taken back. It is not often that a person posts such a thing as “why do you carry a gun” Too many have forgotten the basic principals of responsibility, integrity, & moral ethics. The assumption is because you carry you are wrong? There used to be a time although some would argue it was not in my days but my grandfathers days when wise eyes would shine when hearing a story such as you told. I could feel my grandfather’s eyes as I read.. they were shining & smiling at the humor that was evident.