Things That Need Saying

I need to say something, to explain something, but I find myself reluctant. No matter how many attempts I make at putting this in to written words it comes out as somewhat arrogant and condescending. Would that I could meet with every reader who happens across this journal, sit down and explain in person- that is my personal strength. I can communicate with a gesture what I cannot describe in pages of text.

Complaining of the inadequacy of the only medium afforded me is pointless. Arrogant and condescending are all that are left me. So be it. Here is my gentlest iteration:

Do not attempt to understand me. You are by your very nature incapable of understanding me. This forum is woefully ineffective in providing you with what you would need to understand me. If you believe you understand me you are mistaken. All you have are fragments, musings, disjointed pieces and tattered remnants of the tapestry of a life too long to be fully described in a few dozen pages of digitized text. This is not your fault, nor is it mine. It simply is.

This does not give me satisfaction. It brings no joy to my heart. I began this site with the expectation that I might somehow make myself known- to test the waters as it were. I have tested those waters and found them not entirely to my liking, mostly for the reason that the waters were not what I expected them to be. I need something more concrete, more visceral, and I fear I know exactly what that something may be. I wrestle with that fear for I am above such things and they should have no hold on me. In this particular struggle I shall certainly prevail.

Finally, what I attempted to do when I began this site eventuated to be the opposite of what I seem to have accomplished. Rather than make myself known to others, I have made myself better known to me. The mirror of others’ regard is a powerful thing indeed.

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    I believe you still retain a bit of your mystery, MD.

    Would you then say as you are not mortal that your comprehension of mortals would have to be flawed?
    TheYeti | Email | Homepage | 10.21.03 – 10:15 am | #

    I would say precisely that, yes, with the caveat that my perception of mortals is somewhat less flawed than mortals’ perception of me. I have a broader experience base, that is all.
    MD | Email | Homepage | 10.21.03 – 7:49 pm | #

    Finally. Our beloved lady starts shooting her mouth off at peasants and common folk just like everyone who Understands her always do when out of direct public view. I do believe I have a finger in this event, and unlike our human-loving sympathetic Lady-friend, I DO take pleasure in superiority, I DO stress this point with aimed egocentricity, I just don’t go public with it. Except now. Of course.
    Loren | Email | Homepage | 10.22.03 – 5:02 pm | #

    If you revealed yourself, would anyone even know?
    Alnternatively, how could anyone understand you if they have not seen your many faces?
    Dishman | Email | Homepage | 10.26.03 – 4:40 pm |