Joe Bowers Speaks Portuguese

Joe Bowers offers the following:

Eu li apenas sua resposta a Yeti em seu blog. Eu suponho-o acredito que h? alguns para fora l? do esse o acredita. Quando voc? diz que somente a lata m? vem deste blog, eu n?o sigo completamente. Eu sou certo que se voc? sentir amea?ado, a coisa l?gica seria abandonar apenas o blog, paro de escrever. I, para um, faltaria realmente suas entradas, mas voc? deve proteger-se. Yeti menciona que seu corpo pode ter sido habitado pelos esp?ritos estrangeiros, mim perguntou-lhe uma vez que sobre o Nefilim… voc? n?o comenta naquele. Voc? n?o acredita em tal “absurdo”? Eu sou muito curioso sobre seus pensamentos no Nefilim. Voc? acredita-os existiu, e se voc? acreditar, n?o ? ele poss?vel que voc? pode ser um produto deles? Eu esperarei sua resposta, se voc? escolher assim. Obrigado fazendo exame do momento de ler minhas perguntas.


I say that only bad things can come of this exercise in writing, and I do believe that; however, I am not so terribly concerned that I would be moved to stop just now. It is merely that there are essentially four responses to what one finds here: critical curiosity, acceptance as fiction, angry rejection, or delusional acceptance. To date I have been fortunate in encountering only those who seem to have a firm grasp of their own reality and do not feel threatened or outraged by my scribbling here. Those who would become angry over this are easily ignored. Those who are delusional can be… difficult.

As for the Yeti’s references to the Scientologists’ belief that proto-humans were invaded by alien spirits, or any reference to Nefilim, I do not hold to that belief any more than I do to supernatural manifestations such as vampires, werewolves, zombies and the like. While those tales are somewhat ubiquitous it has always seemed to me that they are more related to ignorance and are often encouraged by those in power as a method of keeping the lower orders in thrall. The idea that aliens were involved in the early development of humanity is an attractive conjecture, but lacks any truly debatable facts and as such cannot be proven or disproved nor even profitably discussed. I am aware of the stories of St. Germaine, and the various iterations of The Wandering Jew, but these have nothing to do with me. I cannot explain why, but I harbor a certainty that I am alone and I have never expended a great deal of effort in the search for others such as myself. For that matter how, exactly, does one go about tracking down an immortal being? Remember that it is only fairly recently in terms of human history that record keeping, communications and travel technologies have advanced to the point of making such a search conceivable.

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  1. You can read/talk/understand portuguese?

    Era giro ver uma entrada no teu blog noutra l?ngua que n?o o ingl?s.

  2. The existence of vampires and werewolves has occasionally been theorized as an attempt to create “monsters” to cover the crimes of human beings. Certain murders and crimes committed by deviants can seem so unspeakable (post-death mutilation and such) that an untrained and superstitious mind would have difficulty believing in an event of human origin.

    I in no way am trying to suggest that these myths are real or false. Nor that Scientology is accurate.

    What we have here is an anomaly of some kind. MD has a fascinating story to tell, and it only seems reasonable that the people she has described meeting would have some story or tale passed on that easily could expand with time. Her regenerative powers alone would be ripe for story-telling.

    Add that to people who have psychic sensitivities about her agelessness, and it’s not hard to believe that someone, somewhere in 3500 years would write stories that would be picked up as myth.

    Their relation to MD may be too clouded to recognize now, but if someone could miraculously heal, or was suspected of being a witch and was dumped out at sea in my village hundreds of years ago, you can bet the story would survive in some way.

    Science and fantasy fiction suggest at least one possibility.
    1) She is a key of some kind, put here for a purpose. This would explain her indifference to exposure, her poor memory, and her subconscious drive to remain anonymous. If she was a key, maybe there is a purpose or was a purpose that no longer is remembered because her creators are no more?

    I merely seek truth. Hers not being a conventional story, how could we accept conventional explanations.

    She has only replied int he negative, but as she points out, it has never been her drive to find out why.

  3. The above comments were first posted on 07/14/2004 before being re-posted here today.