The Dialogue Continues

Joe continues our dialogue by posing some questions:

With the information age, I suspect that assuming a new identity will become more difficult-

Indeed. In particular the recent unpleasantness with regards to the reactionary Islamists has made travel more problematic. I am entertaining the possibility of relocating to a less technology-pervasive locale, but I am relatively proof for the near term future. Who knows what the next few decades will bring?

I was wondering why you would put yourself out there on public display… You are stating your nature to a very public forum…I am sure you are counting on most that see this post as the musings of someone a little unhinged-

I wonder myself. I have learned to trust my instincts and I felt that this was a worthwhile exercise, hence the weblog. I do not count on being considered unhinged; rather I count on being simply dismissed. To date Joe is the only person ever to engage in any sort of conversation regarding this.

How many others through the centuries have you “came out” to…In one of your posts, you said that you have revealed yourself to a “Mr. & Mrs. Professor”, of course they didn’t really believe you until you showed up on their doorstep half a century later looking as young as you last left them. (BTW, how goes it with “Grandson”?)-

Very few, for obvious reasons. Even those I have confided in have mostly viewed me as simply a harmless eccentric except in situations where my nature was undeniable. Mr. And Mrs. Professor did indeed believe me, but even belief can be an ephemeral thing- it lodges in the brain and is held as some kind of phantasm until confronted with the indisputable. As for my efforts on their behalf, I realize I have revealed far too much (despite my deliberate obfuscations) and I shall comment no more.

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